Art of the Title

17 Mar

I love this stuff.


I Heart You in Morse Code

13 Feb

The lovely necklaces by COATT have secret messages written in morse code.  For all you nerds in love.

My Bad

16 Oct

Sorry everyone, I have been neglecting this blog.  To tide you over here’s a link to all my other writing that has taken me from you. More soon! Honest.

And here’s some Chanel as a peace offering.


15 Oct

Yes, I want them so bad I momentarily went German. They’re the European posters y’all!

I’m Not Here

15 Aug

Sorry to completely disappear this August.  After a bout of internet failure in NY, I have a finicky internet in Rotterdam (KAREN! strikes again.)   But I’ve had a good hour or so and  I’m seriously behind on the blog this month, here’s a few tidbits before I’m left sans world wide web.

Good job Summer--way to get back in the game

Ran into a bunch of italians, reminded me of this lady.

Went biking in Den Haag--now I'm saddle sore.

Went Biking in Den Haag--angered a lot of dutch drivers. My bad.

Apparently the seventies are having a moment.

The perfect example of GAME face when in a crowded European (mainly italian--mainly Roman) Train Station

And a Partridge in a pear tree

Hello Monday

2 Aug

Here is a view from 1901.


31 Jul

The lovely Prisim glasses line now includes sunnies! Everyone looks so happy in the summer time.